G. D. Parada is an experimental documentary video work, structured around a multichannel sound composition capturing the training sessions of amateur football club Grupo Desportivo de Parada, in the regional football leagues of rural Portugal.

"Rendered in exquisite multichannel sound, the piece is centred in a series of sound recordings, designed to capture the choreographies of training drills and exercises on team's training ground, Campo da Nossa Senhora de Fátima. Moving beyond the themes of space and movement, the work begins to form a complex portrait of this club as a social as well as a sporting unit. As a 'clube da aldeia' (a club from the villages) taking part in the competitive, regional league ‘Divisão de Honra’, Grupo Desportivo de Parada embodies a unique set of identities, the reflection and product of the geographies of the village of Parada de Ester."

Joga, Isso! (see Soundcloud link above) is a stereo soundwork, composed and produced specifically for 'Three years in Nodar: Context-specifc art practices in rural Portugal' (published Edições Nodar 2012). The composition forms a preliminary sketch towards the audiovisual project G. D. Parada, completed in 2013.


G. D. Parada was conceived and produced initially through residencies at Nodar Artist Residency Centre (Nodar, S. Pedro do Sul) in 2008 and 2009.
Co-produced by Binaural/Nodar with the support of Grupo Desportivo de Parada.
Funded by the Portuguese General Office for the Arts.
Additional post-production support from PVA Medialab.

Sound & video: Duncan Whitley
Assistant sound recordist: Luis Costa
Transcriptions & translation: Luis Costa / Duncan Whitley

Technical details:
Four-channel sound, single-screen video projection
Duration: 20 minutes
Format: Quicktime
Codec: Apple Pro Res 422 or H264
Audio: PCM uncompressed 4 channels