Entre Naranjos y Cal, Seville

Entre Naranjos y Cal shows in EMASESA (Seville) on Tuesday 28 March. This is the second of two showings in Seville in collaboration with the Asociación Cultural Amigos de Peregil, the first of which took place last week in the Consejo de Hermandades y Cofradías de Sevilla during an memorial act dedicated to the singer Pili del Castillo.

Things Fall Apart, Whitechapel Gallery

Duncan Whitley,  Things Fall Apart (film still) , 2017

Duncan Whitley, Things Fall Apart (film still), 2017

The premiere screening of Things Fall Apart will take place as part of an evening of sound and film at Whitechapel Gallery on 16th March 2017.

Introduced by Poppy Bowers (curator at the Whitworth andNew Studio) and followed by a Q&A with filmmaker and editor Lucy Harris, the evening will also feature a selection of soundworks from 2004 - 2016 and a premiere screening of Entre Naranjos y Cal.

Details and tickets here: http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/events/duncan-whitley/

Research and production of Things Fall Apart was supported through Grants for the Arts courtesy of the Arts Council England and National Lottery.

Sbarbi's Arrow screening at Fort Process 3rd September 2016

Image from installation at Soundfjord 2013

Image from installation at Soundfjord 2013

Sbarbi's Arrow is screening as part of the one-day festival "Fort Process" at Newhaven Fort, in Sussex on the 3rd September. The 22 minute animated film is built around an (almost) unedited field recording capturing a moment in the procession of Jesús Despojado during Seville's Semana Santa. Originally installed at London's Soundfjord gallery in 2013, as part of a solo exhibition of the same name.

Early footage of Coventry Godiva Pageant from 1902

Early footage of the Coventry Godiva Pageant shot by the Mitchell and Kenyon company in 1902. The opening footage shows the variety actress Vera Guedes posing on horseback in her role as Lady Godiva, historical patron of the city. The subsequent footage shows moments from the procession through Coventry, including a group of "Roundhead" soldiers carrying crossbows, followed by a marching brass band and banners bearing the city's insignia. Other elements in the procession would have largely consisted in representations of local trade.

The complete remaining Mitchell and Kenyon footage from this event can be viewed online at the BFI player here:

Courtesy of the British Film Institute (BFI) under the terms of the Creative Archive Licence at http://www.bfi.org.uk/creative