Entre Naranjos y Cal (2017) transports us to the intimacy of the Plaza del Museo in Seville, on the night of Holy Monday. The film is a meditation on the expression of presence and absence through flamenco song in the city's major fiesta, the Semana Santa.

Between the orange trees and the lime
Is my Virgin of the Museum”

- from the saeta sung by Pepe Peregil each year in the Plaza del Museo 1968 - 2011

Part-ethnomusicological study, part-audiovisual poem, Entre Naranjos y Cal develops through a delicately composed soundtrack, consisting in sound and musical elements captured live in Seville's streets. Digital sound and images were shot entirely in the Plaza del Museo on the nights of Holy Monday 2011 and 2013. The film takes the form of a time-travelling conversation between Pepe Peregil and singer Pili del Castillo, who in 2013 sings a lament to the Virgin:

If arriving at your chapel
You notice something is missing
Do not worry mother of mine
I'm sure Peregil is singing to you from the Heavens”

Entre Naranjos y Cal is one of a series of audiovisual poems on place and collective memory, narrated through the sensory language of the Semana Santa.

Dedicated to the memory of José María Blanco “Pepe Peregil” 1945 – 2012.


Produced with the support of the British Library.
Special thanks to Pili del Castillo and the family of Pepe Peregil.