Early footage of Coventry Godiva Pageant from 1902

Early footage of the Coventry Godiva Pageant shot by the Mitchell and Kenyon company in 1902. The opening footage shows the variety actress Vera Guedes posing on horseback in her role as Lady Godiva, historical patron of the city. The subsequent footage shows moments from the procession through Coventry, including a group of "Roundhead" soldiers carrying crossbows, followed by a marching brass band and banners bearing the city's insignia. Other elements in the procession would have largely consisted in representations of local trade.

The complete remaining Mitchell and Kenyon footage from this event can be viewed online at the BFI player here:

Courtesy of the British Film Institute (BFI) under the terms of the Creative Archive Licence at http://www.bfi.org.uk/creative

Things Fall Apart in post-production

Things Fall Apart is now in post-production. The new film and sound work set in Coventry was shot across 2013 to 2015. The video edit and sound design are being developed in tandem, with the multi-channel soundtrack featuring a performance by Coventry's own Jaguar Land Rover Band, recorded earlier this year.

The project is due for completion in late March 2016.

El Museo

2am Lunes Santo (Holy Monday) of 2015, in the Plaza del Museo (Seville): Four years on, I find myself back here, awaiting in the same corner of the square where in the darkness we filmed what would turn out to be Pepe Peregil's last saetas in public, before his untimely death on January 27th 2012. For a number of reasons it has taken this long to complete production on this film, and the images captured this year documenting the arrival of Cristo de la Expiración and the Virgen de las Aguas arriving "home" to the Plaza del Museo, will be the last before post-production begins this year.

Digital still from HD video .  All right reserved Duncan Whitley  ©  2015

Digital still from HD video. All right reserved Duncan Whitley © 2015

Recent sound recordings from Seville: "saetas" performed by artists from Jerez and Mairena

Listen to a selection of saetas (a cappella flamenco prayer, typically sung during the Easter processions of Andalucia) sung during Lent 2015 at an event at the church of Santa Ana in Triana (Seville).

The recordings form part of an ongoing and open-ended study of Seville's Semana Santa (Holy Week) since 2006, outputs of which include Sbarbi's Arrow and a permanent collection of audio and audiovisual recordings at the British Library (visit sami.bl.uk/ and enter the collection number C1338, also see British Library music blog).