Kimberlin (n.) - Portland dialect for a person from Weymouth, or by extension a person not belonging to the Isle of Portland. Stranger, outsider, foreigner. / k’ɪmbɜ:lɪn / 

“I’m on Portland where they’ve found what appears to be an underground cinema, in one of the many caves that run under this island, but it’s a bit of a mystery because nobody knows why it’s here or who created it…” 

Duncan Sleightholme reporting from Portland, Dorset

KIMBERLIN is a film and sound work about the discovery of an underground cinema on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. It is a special collaboration with electronic musician Abul Mogard. Kimberlin is due to premiere at Cafe OTO on September 3rd 2019, with further screenings soon to be announced.


Kimberlin has been supported by the Arts Council Englandb-side and the John Downes Memorial Trust.
Thanks also to Gloucester Speleogical Society, and all those who assisted with research and production on Portland.

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