Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! The Sounding Cultures of Football

49 page exhibition catalogue for Get Some Chalk On Your Boots! at the Glass Tank Gallery, Oxford. Featuring texts by Lawrence Crane, Juliet Jacques, Darren Luke, Steven Matthews, Patrick Tubin McKinley, Ruth Potts, Lauren Redhead, Davide Tidone and Paul Whitty. Edited by Paul Whitty and published by The Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University.

Catalogue essay  From Highfield Road to Parada de Ester

Catalogue essay From Highfield Road to Parada de Ester


Writing of Stones (2014). Digital copy of limited edition newsprint.

A limited edition newsprint (500 copies) to accompany Writing of Stones, a site-specific sound work at St. Georges Church, Portland (Dorset). Commissioned for the b-side Festival 2014.

The Senses and the City: Interpreting the Semana Santa of Seville (2014).

A paper published for Invisible Places, Sounding Cities - Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place, Viseu (Portugal) 2014.
The full symposium proceedings can be downloaded here:

Three Years in Nodar: Context-Specific Art Practices in Rural Portugal

315 page catalogue, with accompany double audio CD featuring 20 sound compositions by participating artists. The catalogue includes essays, critical texts, field diaries, photographs and drawings of more than 40 artists who developed art projects at Nodar Rural Art Lab between 2007 and 2009.

Published by Edições Nodar 2011. ISBN: 978-989-97205-0-3

Texts by:
Aaron Ximm (USA), Alicja Rogalska (Poland), Amaya González (Spain), Andrea Brandão (Portugal), Antonio Pedro (Portugal), Arnold Haberl (Austria), Ben Owen (USA), Cédric Anglaret (France), Christine Niehoff (Germany), Dennis Báthory-Kitsz (USA), Duncan Whitley (England), Evelyn Müürsepp (Estonia), Francisco Janes (Portugal), Ignacio Martinez (Spain), Jason Kahn (USA), Joana Nascimento (Portugal), John Grzinich (USA), Jurate Jarulyte (Lithuania), Keiko Uenishi (Japan), Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Israel), Luciana Ohira (Brazil), Maile Colbert (USA), Maksims Shentelevs (Latvia), Manuela Barile (Italy), Maria Idília Martins (Portugal), Marta Bernardes (Portugal), Martin Clarke (England), Melanie Velarde (Australia), Nilo Gallego (Spain), Noemi Fidalgo (Spain), Pali Meursault (France), Peeter Laurits (Estonia), Rui Costa ( Portugal), Rui Silveira (Portugal), Satoshi Morita (Japan), Sergio Bonilha (Brazil) Sergio Cruz (Portugal), Stevie Balch (USA), Suzanne Caines (Canada), Svetlana Bogomolova (Russia), Toomas Thetloff (Estonia) , Vered Dror (Israel), Viv Corringham (England), Wolfgang Dorninger (Austria), Xesús Valle (Spain).

Track list of accompanying double CD “Nodar Location-Specific Sound 2007-2009”:

1 - Jason Kahn: Windline [10:02]
2 - Satoshi Morita: .: :: – / – / – :. [2:55]
3 - Aaron Ximm: The Stone Giant, or, a millstone breathing in Nodar [9:56]
4 - John Grzinich: Flowlines [10:10]
5 - Maksims Shentelevs: Ghost of Nodar [10:00]
6 - Ben Owen: Resounding Nodar – Edit [4:56]
7 - Wolfgang Dorninger: in the water [8:00]
8 - Rui Costa: Traces of a Place [5:21]
9 - Xesús Valle: Tactile Processes [7:40]
10 - Samuel Ripault (Pali Meursault): Pleine Lune [9:15]

1 - Martin Clarke: Mountain Quiet [8:21]
2 - Arnold Haberl (Noid): Music for Five Instruments and a Gun [19:08]
3 - Manuela Barile: Moroloja [4:14]
4 - Duncan Whitley: Joga, Isso! [9:40]
5 - Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat): Serpentines and Chestnuts (several scenes for Nodar Social Composition) [7:41]
6 - Dennis Báthory-Kitsz: Three Songs for Manuela [4:33]
7 - Marta Bernardes & Ignacio Martínez: Coro de Noé [3:00]
8 - Viv Corringham: Where You Are [4:28]
9 - Melanie Velarde: Untitled [9:08]
10 - Maile Colbert: Over the Eyes [9:01]

Art Licks Issue 3 Spring 2011. Featured artist.

With limited edition CD "Rachel & Rathbone", and accompanying essay by Helen Frosi.

58 Processions: Listening Through Holy Week (2nd edition)

58 Processions: Listening Through Holy Week is an electronic publication documenting the research and practice in the field and studio of Duncan Whitley and James Wyness, from 2007-2008. It is the first significant release of edited field recordings from their work within the Holy Week processions of Seville during this period, and documents their installation '58 Processions' in the crypt of St Pancras Parish Church (London) in 2008.

Available for download as a PDF, the publication features twelve sound recordings, and writing by Duncan Whitley, James Wyness and Katherine Hunt. This revised edition features new writing by James Wyness, and two previously unreleased recordings from the artists' fieldwork. The introduction is written by Simon Day, co-director of London-based arts organisation Measure, who co-produced 58 Processions.

Published by Labculture Ltd. 2012 ISBN: 978-0-9560187-3-1 in association with Measure.

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reVision (2006)

Exhibition catalogue for reVision exhibition, curated by Lalitte Stolper.

Published by the University of Worcester Land Research Group (2006). ISBN: 0-9552293-0-8 / 978-0-9552293-0-5

"This book is a record and culmination of a six-month programme of site-specific artworks at the former Royal Infirmary, Worcester. Abandoned since 2002, the hospital, once famous as the place where the British Medical Association was founded, is now a prime site for regeneration, destined to become a city-centre campus for the University of Worcester and 'Learning Quarter' accessible to the general public.

The reVision exhibition, as Janet Harrison explains in her essay, explored and exploited the transitional nature of the site. At once a repository for complex local history and a screen for projected dreams of its future, the site is also, for the time being, a place whose meanings and functions are unfixed. Twelve artists transformed the site's periphery into an object of aesthetic contemplation as well as personal and social reflection, charting the place's transformation from the care and control of the body to the nurturing of the mind."

Lalitte Stolper
All rights reserved © Duncan Whitley 2006

All rights reserved © Duncan Whitley 2006

"Duncan Whitley's aural installation Three Records provided an arena for anecdotal reminiscences of former nursing staff. Their voices were digitally blended with the acoustics of the empty wards, corridors and operating theatres, and offered insiders' views on the intrictae and frequently 'restructured' hierarchies of professional life that were embodied in the layout, use and hygienic maintenance of the buildings. The link between the stories and the resonances of the building echoes the abject in the form of memories projected into and out of the evacuated spaces of the hospital, an aural archeology that eerily haunts the space"

Janet Harrison

Art2000: Projects in Sacred Places (2001)

Exhibition catalogue with essays by Sacha Craddock and Father Friedhelm Mennekes. Featuring a specially commissioned work for audio CD: Chimes for 2000.

Published by Artwise Curators (2001). ISBN: 0-9533-1212-7