Lhayialh included as bonus track in audio guide to Claudia Fontes' The Slow Bird


Lhayialh forms part of Claudia Fontes’ audio guide to The Slow Bird (“O Passaro Lento”) in the São Paulo Biennial entitled Affective Affinities. The Slow Bird is one of seven artist-curated spaces in the biennial held in the Museo Oscar Niemeyer - the selected artists being Claudia Fontes, Mamma Andersson, Sofia Borges, Waltercio Caldas, Alejandro Cesarco, Antonio Ballester Moreno, and Wura-Natasha Ogunji.

Lhayialh is a collaborative sound recording made with Mawó Juan Mendoza, in the wichí community of Santa Victoria Este II (Salta, Argentina). Click here to listen to the recording (headphones or good quality speakers advised)

Also in the audio guide Claudia Fontes retells a story which provided the impetus for The Slow Bird: http://33.bienal.org.br/en/audioguia-detalhe/5427